Today’s digital “instant anywhere” economy wants everything now. XC Networks' Colocation Service can help you keep up.

Your customers, employees, and partners want fast, secure, and reliable IT services and applications anywhere in the world. Even with cloud-based platforms that quickly scale, your competitive advantage lies in speed. And speed means meeting your customers, employees, and partners where they live, at the edge of your network.


XC Networks Colocation Service lets you extend the richness and reach of IT services closer to your users to reduce latency and pressure on your network and central data centers, especially with the explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the demands of speed sensitive transactions that drive innovation and financial services. XC Networks Colocation facilities are built to the same high standards as full-sized, hyperscale data centers, allowing you to safely extend critical IT services across your business.

Find Out How to Give Your Business the Competitive Edge of Speed.

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Colocation Benefits

  • Proximity to users for faster access to applications and services
  • Cost effective way to extend services across your company
  • Reduced pressure on core data centers and network
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Colocation Quick Facts

  • Colocation data centers located in Dallas
  • Meet me rooms with connections to major carriers
  • Around the clock physical security and network monitoring
  • Redundant cooling and power
  • Grounded cabling and extensive rack space
  • Direct access to major cloud providers – Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle
  • Dedicated internet access and network security
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Q & A

  • Are your colocation facilities conventional data centers?

    They have a smaller footprint and are designed to be extensions of your main data center. Our colocation services meet the same stringent specifications of mainline data centers including power, cooling, rack space, physical security, and extensive network connectivity.

  • Why would I need a smaller extension of my current data center services?

    The growing demand for IT services puts considerable strain on centralized data centers and networks. Speed has become the new benchmark for service, and this means extending your IT services to where your customers, employees, and providers are…at the edge of your network.

  • Are your colocation data center operations reliable?

    Yes. We understand that our colocations centers are every bit as critical to your business as your main data centers. That is why we provide the same levels of security and redundancy you would expect for your main locations.

  • Is it expensive? Couldn’t I just spend more at the main data center?

    For only $500 per month, XC Networks and their partner Transtelco provide one full rack and 1 Gbps Internet connectivity. This competitive price will dramatically increase the reach of your main data center by delivering faster access, improved processing, and increased security to where your customers, employees, and partners need it most, at the edge of your network.